PPF Group invests in various industries, such as banking and financial services, telecommunications, real estate, mechanical engineering, biotechnology and insurance. PPF’s reach spans from Europe to across Asia and North America.
  I want to work at PPF
An elegantly simple and modern bank with an appealing approach and services that are easy to understand and readily available. You’ll enjoy helping to make the bank what it is.
  I want to work at Air Bank
Česká telekomunikační infrastruktura a.s. (CETIN) operates the largest data and communications network in the Czech Republic. The company was founded in June 2015 and has more than 1,800 employees.
  I want to work at CETIN
Home Credit International is a management company overseeing international consumer finance operations in ten countries in Europe and Asia (“Home Credit Group”).
  I want to work for Home Credit around the world
A 100% Czech IT centre that provides services for Air Bank and Home Credit Group’s operations in ten different countries. Work with other professionals to take unique projects from development to implementation!
  I want to work at EmbedIT
Home Credit a.s. is one of the leading consumer finance providers in the Czech Republic. We’re also the Group’s innovation incubator – come and join us!
  I want to work at Home Credit in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
A developer, investor and professional real estate advisor. Besides the Czech Republic, the company also operates in Western Europe and Russia.
We’re an integral part of PPF Group and the centre of its financial activities. We’re a purely Czech bank with Czech owners and Czech management, and we cover all decision-making for the Czech Republic.
  I want to work at PPF Banka
Zonky is the largest FinTech service in the Czech Republic working on the principle of P2P lending. We connect people so that they can get the most favourable loans on the market and grow their savings the smart way. Together we’re changing the money lending market. We are Zonky.
  I want to work at Zonky
Accord Research is part of PPF Group and provides comprehensive services as a contract research organisation (CRO). It organises and manages clinical trials for various diseases, especially in oncology. Accord Research offers its clients efficient services for managing clinical trials in Central and Eastern Europe and is currently organising clinical trials in over twenty countries around the world.
  I want to work at Accord Research
SOTIO is a dynamic biotechnology company developing new therapies for treating cancer and autoimmune diseases. The company is building a diverse product portfolio based on its own research and development, collaborations with partners, licence agreements, investments, and mergers and acquisitions. Part of PPF Group, SOTIO operates in Europe, the United States, China and Russia.
  I want to work at SOTIO
RIXO is a FinTech start-up seeking to transform the insurance market. We want to use modern technology to make insurance distribution as transparent as possible and affordable for everyone, with the ambition of becoming the leader in the Czech and European markets.
  I want to work at RIXO
CzechToll s.r.o. is getting ready to launch a new electronic toll system in the Czech Republic based on modern satellite technology and will provide comprehensive services for the system’s operation.
  I want to work at CzechToll
Open Gate – a primary school and eight-year grammar school with a family atmosphere, excellent facilities and plenty of opportunities for teachers’ professional development. Open Gate allows students who are academically, artistically or technically gifted, or talented at sport, to excel. Open Gate is an opportunity for anyone seeking a high standard of education and a personal space that allows people to develop.
  I want to work at Open Gate
Škoda Transportation is a leading European vehicle maker for urban transport and railways. It is a dynamic and rapidly expanding company with a tradition that extends back more than 150 years.
  I want to work at Škoda Transportation
Mystery Services s.r.o. is a member of PPF Group that provides catering services and operates the AVANTGARDE Restaurant & Café, AVANTGARDINO Express and CAFÉ SOFA.
  I want to work at Mystery Services