EmbedIT is a 100% Czech IT Centre that provides IT services including design and support to Home Credit Group and Air Bank (PPF Group). Our internally designed and developed applications serve over 45 million customers in 11 countries, including Russia and China. Production Services team manages 20 data centers worldwide with a volume of more than 200 million transactions per day produced in network of over 187 thousand points of sale, loan offices, branches and post offices. Our team of more than 800+ professionals is located in 3 Czech cities: Prague, Brno, and Ostrava.

Senior Front End Developer

We deliver with passion and so can you! We are a team of self-motivated individuals enjoying communication with customers, as well as with other teams, to ensure we deliver the right solutions. We are always looking for new perspectives and opportunities and now also for new colleagues to expand our colorful set of personalities.

We administer the following systems:

- Registry Cache Manager (RCM) is a system for connecting to external registers, processing and storing data for later reuse. This is our core system and we continually connect new data sources.
- Exchange Rates (EXR) is a small application for downloading exchange rates from external financial authorities (European Central Bank...). The exchange rates are later used for financial reports.
- Trust Lists (TRL) enables blacklisting or whitelisting different types of entities (persons, phones, emails, addresses...), and it has significant impact on contract approval decision-making.
- Antifraud Tracking System (ATS) is a new system which supports antifraud processes, i. e. investigation into suspicious activities. The result of that investigation can be data for TRL application.


You will mostly work on the front-end part of our applications. Your goal will be to manage our UI / UX patterns, design, code quality, compatibility of the application in each type of the browser and performance. We are looking for someone from who we can learn new ideas and techniques.


We currently use the following technologies and tools so you should be either familiar with these or willing to learn and adopt them:
• We are using ReactJS (we expect at least 5 years in such position) for front-end
• Java + Spring for back-end
• Oracle/Postgress databases with Luquibase to deploy structures
• we are using Kafka, RabbitMQ for messaging
• Teamcity/Jenkins for deployment
• Azure/internal cloud for hosting
• we are using Weblogic/Tomcat for application server and we plan to use Kubernetes

Rewards & Benefits:

And for all of this you will be rewarded with some standard corporate benefits like:
• yearly bonuses
• 5 weeks of vacation
• 2 sick days
• technical trainings and certificates
• loyalty bonuses
• home office
• possibility of business trips to exotic countries

But, honestly, you can find some pampering like in a small technical company:
• playroom with foosball, PlayStation, etc.
• coffee corner
• standing desk
• unforgettable team buildings and employee events

Choose a large stable financial institution and help us confirm the importance of the largest IT center in Central Europe to the stakeholders, who are by the way sitting together with us under one roof.

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Holandská 1006/10, 639 00  Brno-Štýřice, Česká republika

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Bonusy/prémie, příspěvek na dovolenou, manažerský motivační program, mobilní telefon, nadstandardní lékařská péče, sleva na firemní výrobky/služby, notebook, příspěvek na penzijní/životní připojištění, flexibilní začátek/konec pracovní doby, stravenky/příspěvek na stravování, dovolená 5 týdnů, vzdělávací kurzy, školení, závodní stravování, kafetérie, občerstvení na pracovišti, příspěvek na sport/kulturu/volný čas, zdravotní volno/sickdays, možnost občasné práce z domova, firemní akce, individuální rozvržení pracovní doby, možnost si napracovat hodiny, zahraniční pracovní cesty, vlastní organizace náplně práce, možnost studijního volna, Účast na zahraničních konferencích, vyhrazený čas na inovace, rozjezd zcela nového projektu

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